photo: Jaime Vedres  location: Leighton Arts Centre


2022 Joined Altadore Church as resident accompanist
2022 Joined Calgary Boys Choir as resident accompanist
2022 Joined Kindervalley Montesorri Academy as resident music teacher
2022 graduated with a Master of Fine and Decorative Arts and Design
2021 Joined Out of the Blue Chorus as resident accompanist
2021 Symphony of the Kootenays produced three music videos:

2020. Joined CPO's PhilKids team as a teaching artist!  Hello, kiddos
2020 Back to school to pursue a M. A. Fine and Decorative Arts and Design 

Back to hosting and programming for Classical Revolution Calgary. Check out our new site!  
Speaker on the panel for DTalks Calgary. What an honour.
Say hello to the newest member on the sub list for the Las Vegas Philharmonic!  

Calgary Arts Orchestra was a 2-year project with a mission to promote and keep local composers and musicians:

Feb 20 2016  Calgary Herald 
Friday Nov 27 2015 Calgary Metro
Glimpse of article in published Art Quench Magazine (available for purchase only) Nov 2015 issue:
August 2015. Eileen's artist website re-launch
Eileen and Liz had the honour to perform at this memorable Halloween Wedding (note: audio is not Eileen or Liz)
Eileen conducts Shoenberg with the U of C Orchestra 2014
Eileen conducts Bartok at the Queens College Conducting Workshop 2014