How to book

Hire musicians:

You can hire professional, reliable, classically trained musicians, through me, Eileen.  I pick special people to be part of my team.  My colleagues are studied, experienced, and versatile.  We differ in that you can find us embedded in many facets of music in Calgary, such as folk, world music, jazz; composition, etc.  Our members are flexible off stage as we are on stage.  We arrive early and are prepared.
As event musicians we've performed weddings and receptionscorporate events, funerals, memorial services, bar/bat mitzvahs, album recordings, art shows, festivals, fairs, school and church events, charity events, private parties, cafes, business openings, openings, and restaurants, etc.  We can provide you with an updated sample repertoire list and sample contract. 

Book Czarkologie, the band:
Czarkologie is Calgary's original neo-classical, jazzy, loungy instrumental music ensemble that finds its home in cafes, restaurants, fairs, private events, receptions, and art shows.