1) Contact ejkosasih@aol(dot)com and provide the date, time, and location of the event, and whether it's indoor or outdoor.  You don't have to know which ensemble or music you want yet.  Eileen will send you a rate sheet.  

2) If it is a good fit, set up a live consultation within two weeks.  Eileen will send you a basic blank contract to review.  

3) At the meeting, a contract is drawn up, event logistics are discussed and Eileen points you in the right direction for music selection (if you know what you'd like or have ideas, bring them!)  If you choose music that is not on Eileen's list, you can pay a 10$ custom song fee.  If sheet music does not exist, there is a 50$ transcription/arrangement fee per instrument per song.  Helpful info includes the number of people attending, available sound equipment, and if it's a wedding, how many people are in the wedding party and who will be last (before the bride).  Have some extra contact phone numbers handy as well.  

4) A deposit is made the same day via cash, e-transfer, Mastercard, Visa, or cheque.  A receipt will be emailed.  Unlimited phone and email consultations apply.  

5) Music is to be selected and at least one month before the event (detailed info on contract).

6) The balance is paid on or before the day of, before the performance via cash, e-transfer, or cheque.  Ask about discount for up-front full payment. Tip is recommended, but optional.